On our planet Earth more than 7 billion people are currently living. With increasing demands for housing and living conditions and habits of civilization the energy turnover increases permanently. Firewood is the only energy source for more than half the world's population. Up to two thirds of the wood on our planet is burned for heating and contributes significantly to air pollution and climate change.

Between 5th December 1952 and March 1953, as a result of winter weather conditions, London had the worst smog disaster of industrial history, soot and sulfur dioxide from factory smokestacks and chimneys collected at the bottom and mingled with the fumes of traffic. The toxic air mixture was sometimes so tight that pedestrian could not see their feet any more, and it probably cost the life of 12,000 inhabitants. The word "smog" is from the English words smoke + fog put together.

1997 Photographed by Frank M. Rauch, Bremen (Germany). All rights reserved.

London in the year 1997, an urban area in the southern side from Hyde Park
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