Community Action for conservation of healthy lifestyle bases for
nature, landscape, biodiversity, animals and human beings

1958 founded in Salzburg (Austria)

We have branches in the following countries:

Algeria, Austria, Australia, Benin, Burundi, China, Congo, Egypt, France, Germany, Iceland, India, Italy, Japan, Mexiko, Morocco, Netherlands, Paraguay, Poland, Romania, Uganda, United Kingdom, Uruguay and USA.

We present news from governmental and non-governmental organizations worldwide

The following declaration is obligatory for all members of the WUPL:

"The destruction of plant species, the eradication of animals and the genocide are expressions of increasing hostility towards life. I abhor hate speech against nations and a fascist mentality, as well as the trivialization of the murder of Jews, Armenians, Viet Cong and other ethnic or religious groups." - Frank M. Rauch, Bremen, April 2013.

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