The energy turnover of mankind changes the natural environment.
The end product is ultimately warmth which increases the local temperature - e.g. in cities.

The countries with the highest energy consumption per capita of the population are:
Katar, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Canada, Norway, Kuwait, Island and USA.

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The World map shows the countries, depending on the energy consumption differently colored. The scores are based on information from the year 1997 (Source: CIA - The World Factbook). It is the sum of household consumption, industrial, transportation and public utilities. In the following ten years until 2007 the circumstances have not changed much, only Singapore is now among the countries with the highest per capita energy consumption, due to economic development (Source: Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung). USA is consuming about 120.000 kWh, Germany 51.000 kWh per capita and year.
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